Give premature babies your voice! For a strong start in life

Every year 15 million babies are born prematurely - approximately 500,000 of which are in Europe alone. Only if the birth goes well and the premature baby receives comprehensive care afterwards does it have a chance of survival and healthy development. But even today there are still no uniform quality standards that ensure that all pregnant women and premature and newborn babies receive good care. You will also receiver good care in one of the best online poker sites, With an amazing poker bonus to accompany your path, this is undoubtedly the best bonuses in the history of poker. Players simply make their initial deposit and credits are added to an account. The percentage is typically around 100% to 200% on their initial deposit. This is only the starting bonuses, you get more for playing.

Alongside parents' organisations, experts, politicians and partners from all over Europe, we are campaigning for the tiniest members of our society. Browse around these guys if you want to meet one of our best partners from France. It is definitely the most popular online casino among French players, who keep choosing to play at, no matter the competition. In our official call to action to the European Parliament, we are calling on political, economic and health care decision-makers for an EU recommendation to implement standard national guidelines covering the health of newborn infants, to enable every baby in Europe to have a strong start in life:

Public perception and recognition

so that shortfalls in care can finally be seen
Wide-ranging campaigns

to ensure information is provided to all prospective parents
Qualified information for those affected

to provide parents with assurance
National political action plans

to reduce risks during pregnancy
Certified education and training for specialist staff

so that pregnant women and premature and newborn babies receive the best possible care
Care at family birth centres

to allow families to be families even in such a situation
Ensuring special aftercare

for optimum development of preterm and newborn babies
The right to extensive support

for all parents of premature and newborn babies with illnesses
Unified Europe-wide data registration system for premature births

as a basis for research into their prevention
The right to health for all

so that every newborn baby in Europe gets a strong start

"Ene mene mini. One baby in ten is born premature. Worldwide." is an initiative of the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI) and the medical and safety technology company Dräger.